"Do not hurt yourself, destroy yourself, mangle yourself to get the football captain. Be the football captain. That’s it, it’s that simple."

 50th birthday Courtney Love Cobain (°Courtney Michelle Harrison, 9 juli 1964)

Thank you for your amazing music! I hope you have the best birthday ever, you deserve it, you’re an angel!

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Anonymous moaned: Can you make a gif of this video of nirvana? "Fahrenheit,
France" is a video where they play "Dive", please!!


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Miu Miu Fall / Winter 2011 vs. Hole’s “Skinny Little Bitch” single
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Kurt & Courtney, Sassy Magazine, April 1992


Kurt & Courtney, Sassy Magazine, April 1992

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i’m not done with this blog! xoxo

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Hole | Live Through This, released 20 yrs ago today on April 12th 1994

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pretty rad photos → hole⎾ 4/5 ⏌

pretty rad photos → hole⎾ 4/5 ⏌

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Interviewer: What kind of pets are you going to give Frances?
Courtney: A potbelly pig. Or we’re gonna have a saltwater aquarium. Today we were trying to think of what we can do to generate income. We were thinking about hippie baked goods. We were thinking Grungeville.
Kurt: Kurt and Courtney’s grunge cookies.
Courtney: Kurt and Courtney’s Nirvana Bars. Chocolate-covered Holes.

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